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Referencia: PEL-0352
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Título Original: The Street Stops Here
Género: Documental
Año: 2010
Duración: 01:22
Director: Kevin Shaw
Reparto: Harry Lennix, Delvon Arrington, Mary Alan Barszczewski, Mary Felicia Brodowski, Rashon Burno, Dominic Cheek, Alberto Estwick, Jio Fontan, Jorge Fontan y Ben Gamble
País: USA
The Street Stops Here is a portrait of the nation's best high school basketball coach, Bob Hurley, Sr. and his career-long struggle to inspire and motivate those around him in order to keep the doors of a poor, inner-city Catholic school open. This is a story about teenagers fighting their way out of the 'hood, armed with little more than a basketball and the hard wisdom of a fierce, demanding coach. For 35 years, Hurley has led St. Anthony his way. He's an uncompromising teacher who demands perfection from kids who've known little discipline growing up on the streets of Jersey City. His methodical, yet volatile style works miracles. He's tallied 900-plus victories for a school that's won 24 state championships. Hurley's sent all but two of the hundreds of players he's coached to college, a feat that truly shows what matters to him most. This season, Hurley faces challenges that will test his resolve...
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